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The PMA Weekly is a private membership community that casts a vision of God’s Law and offers education and support for individuals seeking to escape the confines of the United States Corporation and live a life of Self-Determination and Sacred Honor.

Members can learn about the History of Law, our Constitutional Republic,  emerging movements and decentralized systems, the power of status declarations, Trust structures, Private Member Associations, land patents, and ministerial bodies. 

Our mission is to highlight the solutions that will equip us in this time of great transition. There are multiple pathways of membership available, allowing individuals to gain key insights through liberating educational journeys, and join others who are taking action to protect themselves, their family assets, and conduct their lives in a more secure manner.

We invite you to join this Private Fellowship that assists in educating and empowering the world as we navigate along the bridge-way out of Babylon, onward to Sacred Honor through Self-Determination.

Exit The System

Organize your affairs through various means such as Status Correction, involvement in Unincorporated Associations (PMA’s), establishing Private Trusts, connections to Ministerial Bodies, understanding Allodial Title/Land Patent, and other strategies on how to exit the system.

Substance Over Form

“Form” refers to papers and structures that we rely on to manage our affairs. “Substance” is knowing who we are; a living being, and conducting ourselves accordingly. Learn both, and live in the spirit of true authority.

History of Law

We are not a fiction to be controlled unless we have given consent. Discover how the system of control works through the history of law, commerce, and obligation of contracts and  how to use it to your advantage for more freedom.

Learn How To Conduct Your Affairs Without Needing Permission To Exist

The most important aspect to living safely in the private domain is how you operate.
Meaning; you are not in commerce & what that looks like in a practical sense.

Our primary focus in the fellowship is step-by-step application of how you conduct yourself in God’s Law. The paperwork (form) is NOT your savior.

The fellowship goes beyond the paperwork and offers real-life experience, proven strategies, insights and continued support on how to safely operate & function in God’s Law.

Become a Member Now

When you enroll in our private basic podcast membership, you can join us every Tuesday for a live video call as a gift from us.

Each week features a new guest with solutions for moving out of the public and into the private.

Let's reshape our perception of how we view ourselves and build the Bridgeway Out Of Babylon together.

Upcoming Shows

30 MAY, 2023

Paul James

Paul James has been an educator in the American freedom movement since 2005. He is currently engaged in helping members of the American Body Sovereign in Northern California county’s reseat their original, organic, unincorporated, de jure governments which are guaranteed to be republican in the form which was vacated post Act of 1871. Paul has long been working with freedom-oriented groups across the nation and is a key educator behind the newly reseated de jure Nevada county which is one of the first of our nation’s 3,143 counties to reseat our original, organic county government. Paul and his researchers are currently supporting Americans across the nation better understand the true plight of our nation post-occupation by Crown-Vatican agents which unlawfully installed a de facto government system across the entirety of our nation post the so-called civil war. Paul was one of twenty American delegates recruited under a treaty event executed in 2010 by the so-called High Contracting Powers who had allegedly agreed to terminate their Global Talmudic Debt Slavery System post-execution of the treaty. The treaty provided evidence that our world was indeed under control by a criminal cabal that had enslaved humanity under a de facto corporate Talmudic Debt Slavery system.

6 JUNE, 2023

Reinette Senum

During the summer of 2020 Reinette Senum stepped down from her third term on the Nevada city council because of the Covid-lies she witnessed within her local government. 

She was the only elected official to publicly call out California Governor Newsom for his illegal statewide mask mandate. It was then she saw a deep need for leadership at a much larger scale than she could provide in her little town. She ran for California Governor in the 2022 primaries with no party affiliation. 

Reinette has made it her business to call out corruption around 5G, geoengineering, government, and the Covid-lies, to name a few — and most recently by launching a legal fund fundraiser on GiveSendGo.com to pursue the biggest geoengineering crime.

13 JUNE, 2023

Bill Worsham

He is a bitcoin HODLer, keenly interested in alternative forms of community and organizational governance, and currently working to establish a model community on undeveloped property in Central Texas. Worsham has extensive experience working among stakeholders at the intersection of property rights, public access, and natural resource protection. This experience extends to consideration of expenditures for activities having both public and private beneficiaries. Bill’s travels during 24 years as a high school basketball referee have led him into virtually every Central Texas community and school system.

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Pathways of Self-Determination

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