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We are now meeting on the first and second Thursday of the Month, at 6 p.m. PST.

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Private Member Association - Not for Hire

Pathways of

The PMA Weekly is a private membership community that casts a vision of God’s Law and offers education and support for individuals seeking to escape the confines of the United States Corporation and live a life of Self-Determination and Sacred Honor.

Members can learn about the History of Law, our Constitutional Republic,  emerging movements and decentralized systems, the power of status declarations, Trust structures, Private Member Associations, land patents, and ministerial bodies. 

Our mission is to highlight the solutions that will equip us in this time of great transition. There are multiple pathways of membership available, allowing individuals to gain key insights through liberating educational journeys, and join others who are taking action to protect themselves, their family assets, and conduct their lives in a more secure manner.

We invite you to join this Private Fellowship that assists in educating and empowering the world as we navigate along the bridge-way out of Babylon, onward to Sacred Honor through Self-Determination.

Exit The System

Organize your affairs through various means such as Status Correction, involvement in Unincorporated Associations (PMA’s), establishing Private Trusts, connections to Ministerial Bodies, understanding Allodial Title/Land Patent, and other strategies on how to exit the system.

Substance Over Form

“Form” refers to papers and structures that we rely on to manage our affairs. “Substance” is knowing who we are; a living being, and conducting ourselves accordingly. Learn both, and live in the spirit of true authority.

History of Law

We are not a fiction to be controlled unless we have given consent. Discover how the system of control works through the history of law, commerce, and obligation of contracts and  how to use it to your advantage for more freedom.

Learn How To Conduct Your Affairs Without Needing Permission To Exist

The most important aspect to living safely in the private domain is how you operate.
Meaning; you are not in commerce & what that looks like in a practical sense.

Our primary focus in the fellowship is step-by-step application of how you conduct yourself in God’s Law. The paperwork (form) is NOT your savior.

The fellowship goes beyond the paperwork and offers real-life experience, proven strategies, insights and continued support on how to safely operate & function in God’s Law.

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Each week features a new guest with solutions for moving out of the public and into the private.

Let's reshape our perception of how we view ourselves and build the Bridgeway Out Of Babylon together.

Upcoming Shows

March 14th, 2024 - Second Thursday

David "Avocado" Wolfe

David “Avocado” Wolfe – Bio: David “Avocado” Wolfe, J.D., is a leading figure in nutrition, wellness, and environmental advocacy. With expertise in diverse fields such as nutrition, herbalism, and sustainability, David is renowned as the rock star and Indiana Jones of superfoods and longevity. Through his platform, Avocado, he reaches millions worldwide weekly with inspirational social media content. Over 28 years and nearly 3000 live events, David has championed radiant health and environmental stewardship. As the visionary founder of The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, he leads efforts to plant billions of trees globally, embodying a holistic approach to well-being and ecological conservation.

February 22nd, 2024 - Fourth Thursday

Bethany & Vince Luchetta

Vince and Bethany Luchetta are the dynamic duo behind a pioneering PMA Eatery in Tennessee, established under a Trust and Ministerial Body. Their journey has been one of resilience and determination, as they’ve courageously stood against the county and state of Tennessee, advocating for Equity and National Status as a remedy. Despite facing numerous obstacles from the surrounding community, their unwavering commitment has thrust them onto the front page of the local newspaper multiple times as they fight to keep their PMA open and private.

Now, Vince and Bethany invite you to join them for part 2 of Equity as Remedy, where they will share the compelling outcome of their case. Additionally, they will unveil their exciting collaboration with Michael and other fellowship Directors, promising an inspiring and transformative partnership.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Vince and Bethany firsthand as they continue to pave the way for positive change and innovation in their community.

Sacred Honor Educational Fellowship
An educational fellowship equipping individuals with the keys to unlock their liberty and preserve their freedom

More Than Just A Podcast

Our commitment to solutions goes deep. Ready to take real action in your life? Announcing the Sacred Honor Educational Fellowship.

In furthering the mission of our educational ministry, we are pleased to introduce our alliance with Sacred Honor Educational Fellowship.

A private membership community portal equipped with learning pathways to empower and liberate your livelihood in these precarious times.

For those ready to step into Self-Determination and embody the spiritual jurisdiction in God’s Law, become a private member of the Sacred Honor Educational Fellowship while together, we build a bridgeway out of Babylon.

Pathways of Self-Determination

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Uniting Forces For Our Parallel Society
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